Discovering Artists: "This is an eclectic mix of acoustic jazz, if there ever were a genre. Gabriel James is a Minneapolis singer-songwriter who brings a Midwest flavor to the crowded singer-songwriter realm. I suppose you could call him a male Ani DiFranco...His songwriting depicts attitude and edge. You won't get any Mayeresque tracks here...He's got the guitar antics of Ari Hest ala "Consistency" here and through many of the tracks. A refreshing listen. Rating: 4 stars."

Ear Candy Magazine: "Gabriel James puts his music first and lets everything else fall into place. 'Music that speaks to the soul' -- I can go along with that. If you dig your music on the acoustic side with a bit of jazz flavor, then you need to help yourself to a taste of Gabriel James."

Smother: "Gabriel James' music is jazzy pop rock at its very finest. he juggles between melodies like a circus clown, ridiculously throwing catchy hooks at you like he's got a billion more where that one came from. His songwriting abilities to be sure are brilliant, but it's his voice that's going to attract most singer-songwriters to attempt to copy his style. Beautiful; get this now."

The Onion:  "...Gabriel's songs succeed for many of the same reasons Ani DiFranco's do: They're confessional, intelligent tunes propelled by a slightly off-beat, funkified delivery..."

Music Reviewz: "Tightly packed with extravagant arrangements and excellent playing. Highest caliber of talent and musicianship.”

Rikk’s Reviews: "...Gabriel combines his mesmerizing style, catchy hooks and a sense of humor to create a must-hear for fans of Ben Harper, Death Cab and Ani DiFranco."